Path of the bamboo in Arashiyama by Ludovic Lubeigt is used with permission under CreativeCommons license for Shelley Schlief, PhD, PsyD - therapist

Welcome. I’m a psychotherapist in the Boston area with offices in Coolidge Corner. I treat adults, young adults, millennials, college students, and teens with anxiety, depression, PTSD, difficult relationships, and other life challenges.

I provide talk therapy together with contemporary modalities, such as IFS, mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), DBT, and biofeedback.

I am a collaborative, culturally engaged, and LGBTQ affirming therapist.

1330 Beacon Street
Coolidge Corner, Brookline

124 Harvard Street
Coolidge Corner, Brookline

Please be in touch for more information: shelleyschliefphd@gmail.com


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